On behalf of the staff and physicians of Brighton Medical Practice we would like to extend our welcome to you and your family.

We are excited to participate in the development and growth of your child and we look forward to the opportunity of providing the state of the art health care that your family deserves. You can rest assured that with our well-equipped and highly trained team your family’s health is in good hands.


This Medical Center will instruct parents be more mindful of their child’s stages of growth. Our doctors are specifically trained to offer a wide range of healthcare from birth, to adolescence, and to adulthood. Our pediatricians provide comprehensive information on the analysis, prevention, treatment, and care of conditions that affect infants, children, and teenagers. Parents will become aware of the steps they can take to maintain good health in their child, and the options that are available to them if their child would require medical services.


Our physicians offer a wide range of specialized care covering every aspect of your family’s well-being. We cover everything from the common cold, to playground injuries, to fractured bones, as well as to complex illnesses. Our staff at Brighton Medical and Pediatric Care recognizes the specific requirements of all its adult and pediatric patients and provides a tailored healthcare program suited to maximize the medical benefits that are available today.